Imagine a community living together in an evolved and self-sufficient ecosystem.

We foresee a monumental shift in human history. A shift from broken systems to regenerative ones. A shift from segregative communities to collaborative ones. A shift from a disconnected existence to a harmonious one.

Este es un cambio que estamos viendo en nuestra pequeña pueblo playero, pero es un cambio que tiene una enorme importancia global. ReViva Nosara es nuestro intento de ser el cambio que deseamos ver en el mundo y nuestro plan de cómo hacerlo.

With our building blocks in place, not only do we provide healthy food, energy, jobs, economic stability and security for the community, we provide the means for its members to further innovate. From survival of the fittest to collaborative creation, and that's just the beginning.

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Creating food gardens for the community of Nosara with the community of Nosara. Discover the project.

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