Permaculture Design Certification (PDC)

Huertas de Nosara PDC Training Modules

Permaculture Design Certification (PDC): (PDC): Huertas will offer PDC curricular modules weekly starting May 15, 2021. Registration is open for individual modules (note exceptions *) or for the full 12-week curriculum. The modules can accommodate 15-20 people depending on the theme / site. The modules will be offered in a bilingual learning environment.

Modules will be led by Fabián Cerdas Fallas who is PDC certified under the teaching of Stephen Brooks at the Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living & Education. Fabián is also a certified Organic Agriculture Technician, certified at the National Specialized Center in Organic Agriculture Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje in La Chinchilla, Cartago, Costa Rica. Fabian will be joined by local subject matters experts providing case studies of PDC Principles.

The 12-week program will be offered several times a year. This will allow participants to “drop-in” when time permits and earn certification at their own pace. For example, if someone starts the program on May 15 and has other commitments for the next month, they can join the next offer during the year, picking up the program where they left off.

PDC Module Agenda

* indicates that the module is only available to those who plan to complete the full program. For those taking the whole course, the modules must be completed in order.

Module 1

May 15 - Introduction to permaculture

Presenter: Fabián Cerdas 

Location: Costa Rica Yoga Spa 

Lesson A: Introduction
Lesson B: Ecology Principles
Lesson C: Ethics Principles and Characteristics
Lesson D: Design Methods

Module 2

May 22 - Ecological Themes Part 1

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas

Location: Finca Playa Cuarzo, Garza

Lesson A: Map Reading
Lesson B: Water Management
Lesson C: Climate /Microclimates
Lesson D: World Climate Biozones

Module 3

May 29 - Ecological Themes Part 2

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas; Yy Dennis 

Location: Grandmother Garden

Lesson A: Composting and Organic Waste Revaluation
Lesson B: Soil Regeneration
Lesson C: Landscape
Lesson D: Earthworks

Module 4

5 de junio: diseño de ecosistemas productivos 1

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas; Tony Audin

Location: Huertas de la Abuela 

Lesson A: Plants in Permaculture
Lesson B: Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides
Lesson C: Forests
Lesson D: Windbreaks

Module 5*

12 de junio: diseño de ecosistemas productivos 2

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas; Nick McAlpin 

Location: Blue Spirit Guiones Sur – residencia privada 

Lesson A: Patterns in Nature
Lesson B: Zone 0 Siting and Natural Building Systems
Lesson C: Zone 0 Our Houses
Lesson D: Zone I Home Food Gardens

Module 6*

19 de junio – Diseño de ecosistemas productivo 3

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas 

Location: Finca Crivelli – Delicias

Lesson A: Overview Patterns in Nature, Zone 0 and I
Lesson B : Zone II Orchards and Food Forests
Lesson C : Zone II Food Forest and Small Animals
Lesson D : Zone III Field Crops and Large Animals


Module 7*

June 26 – Designing Productive Ecosystems Part 4

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas; Christoph Hubmann 

Location: Finca Cerro Mora 

Lesson A: Zone IV Harvest Forests
Lesson B: Zone V Natural and Restorative Forests
Lesson C: Site Analysis Practical
Lesson D: Weed Ecology

Module 8

July 3- Increasing Resilience and Productivity Part 1

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas; Invitada especial 

Location: ¡Se anunciará una ubicación emocionante!

Lesson A: Wildlife Management
Lección B: Manejo de la vida silvestre
Lección C: Manejo integrado de plagas
Lesson D: Aquaculture

Module 9*

July 10 – Increasing Resilience and Productivity 2

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas

Location: Sacred Playground

Lesson A: Design for Disaster
Lesson B: Site Analysis Drawing
Lesson C: Practical Work on Large Design
Lesson D: Practical Work on Large Design

Module *

July 17 – Social Permaculture Part 1

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas ; Emmanuael Savard 

Location: Nosara Nomads Refuge, Rio de montaña

Lesson A: Bioregions – Local Wealth
Lesson B: Ethical Investment and Circular Economies
Lesson C: Practical Work on Large Design
Lesson D: Practical Work on Large Design

Module 11

July 24 - Social Permaculture Part 2

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas ; Kuki Araya

Location: Harmony Hotel Guiones

Lesson A: Land Ethics, Access, and Preservation
Lesson B: Village and Community
Lesson C: Suburban Permaculture
Lesson D: Urban permaculture

 Module 12

July 31 - Presenation Day

Presenters: Fabián Cerdas; Invitada especial  

Ubicación: TBC

Lesson A: Design Work
Lesson B: Design Presentation
Lesson C: Evaluation
Lesson D: Celebration


The course includes:

  • Hands-on learning and opportunities to present permaculture designs.
  • Locations at several demonstration sites seeing principles in action.
    (carpooling available)
  • Healthy lunch/beverages provided.
  • The PDC Course modules will be offered in a bilingual environment
    (english and spanish)
  • Flexibility in completing the required amount of hours for certification.

Questions or to register
please contact:
or call 7051-2377



The flow of a typical module

07:00 am – Morning Gathering

07:45 am – Lesson A

9:00 am – Break

9:15 am – Lesson B

10:30 am – Break

10:45 am – Lesson C

12:00 pm – Lunch

1:00 pm – Lesson D

2:15 pm – Break

2:30 pm – Closing Reflection Circle

Depart 3pm

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